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What is ScoreWIZ?

ScoreWIZ is a tool with which you can create scoreboard presentations in the Eurovision style, that is with 'juries' or 'voters' giving points from 1 to 12, omitting 9 and 11 to their favourite .... whatever: songs, ice cream flavours, hotties, pets and so on.

As scoreboard adminstrator you can choose to collect the votes yourself and fill them in, or generate voting links so everyone can vote secretly. Ideal for your online competition.

What do I need to see ScoreWIZ scoreboards?

All that's required to play the presentations is to have Javascript enabled, which is the default setting in all serious browsers in the 21st century.

However, ScoreWIZ looks the best in modern browsers like Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. It also works in earlier versions of Internet Explorer, with Javascript enabled. However graphics may look odd in older versions of that browser.

It's a known issue that some parts ScoreWIZ (like voting links and part of the administrator menu) do NOT work on touch devices, because of a drag and drop interface. No improvement on this matter can be promised, it just may happen or it may not. See also 'Who is behind ScoreWIZ and who will help me when it breaks?' below.

Who is behind ScoreWIZ and who will help me when it breaks?

ScoreWIZ was added as a feature to the former Eurovision Record Book site, and became part of ESC Nation (formerly Eurovision Nation) when that site merged with the former Doteurovision Message Board. It is however not longer part of that site.

ScoreWIZ was developed by Ben Tumminaro from the Netherlands in about 2006 and was totally revamped, with new features (version 2.0) in 2010. Now this may sound rude, but ScoreWIZ is a free tool, and comes as it is. It is still up by popular demand, but the developer doesn't always have the time to fix issues quickly.

Please do NOT complain at the ESC Nation Message Board if this site seems to be down or not working for some reason. Simply because the mods at ESC Nation cannot do anything about it,because ScoreWIZ is on another server, which is logical because it's another website.


ScoreWIZ withholds the right to delete scoreboards that for example